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American Spirit.

© Marco Zanella


Title American Spirit.
Author Marco Zanella
Year 2015
Print run only 10 copies

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Two ways become one
In the eighties the profession of the photographer was a "real" and necessary job, while computer science was in its infancy, something still too far from common to hear, so while attending school to become a photographer advertising / industrial (this is written on my diploma) I was delighted to program a written program on my Commodore Vic 20 in basic to win the pools (for Millennials see Wiki).
After graduation I made various experiences (it was called apprenticeship) in the Milanese photographic environment as studio assistant and later I photograph for some newspapers engaged in social work.
End of the 80s I landed in the professional laboratory sector, where I met many leading photographers with whom I work at creation of prints also for their personal exhibitions.
In the meantime, I continue to follow my passion for IT through the various computers and operating systems of the time.
In 1993 I open a photographic studio - laboratory in Treviso, we are in full swing 'Minilab' you remember "print your photos in 30 minutes "I make images for catalogs, weddings, portraits, receptions and I bring my professional laboratory experience to Treviso.
In 2002, with the arrival of the digital image, analog photography (based on silver halides) finally disappeared also taking away my business.
Since 2003 I have resumed my old passion for computer science and programming, initially putting it at the service of my profession of photographer with the production of catalogs on CD-ROM.
Thanks to the ease of access to training and my passion for programming the transition to the creation of websites and after the realization of complex web applications it was short.
To date I have made several projects based on my ideas or on commission, but I particularly care about this project because it is the real point of conjunction of my two professional souls, so two ways have become one.

Marco Zanella vende le fotografie su dal 13/08/2019